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 MD’s Pen : Welcome to Parag Agro India Private Limited .
Parag Agro India Pvt. Ltd. believes that 'the growth of India is ultimately related to the growth of the rural areas'. Farmers being the heart of the rural India, For improving the life of Farmer, Parag Agro India Pvt. Limited has been serving the farming community for over a time of corporation.
An proven track record takes forward its strategy to head the leading position in the Biotechnology research-based agro inputs. This strategy has been further supported with safer and specialty chemical pesticides. Parag Agro India Pvt. Limited is firmly positioned to address the emerging local and global challenges.
We help in providing the farmers not just customized products but customized solutions, developing and evaluating products and processes for improving their life. Our extensive high-quality product range that includes plant growth nutrients,soluble fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hybrid seeds, and farm services, further supports this goal.
We offer amongst the best list of farm protection and associated products in India. Parag Agro India Pvt. Ltd. offers a healthy working environment that cultivates the team work and growth.
We have a diverse group of talented people who discover, develop, manufacture and market crop protection, and industrial and commercial pest management products for use around the globe. A unique distributor network helps in serving this purpose effectively.
The idea started over 15 years ago as a modest venture in the area of seaweed-based technology acquired from the different resources, has now flourished into a full-blown, diversified organization operating in India. Over a period of time, Parag Agro India has diversified into a range of seaweed-based biotechnological inputs, using fermentation technology, under the well-known brand of 'Ambuja Plus'.
It is also going* in to crop protection chemicals, covering a range of applications in insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and weedicides . It has also ventured into a range of services like tour and travels, construction and dairy also. Through our National division, our products are sold over thousand customers across .
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