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Products Overview

Parag offers a wide range of products including crop protectants, water soluble fertilizers, Farm Equipment & seedsOur products assure a balance of quality and unique attributesthat make them the mostfavourable option for farmers. Read more>
Engineering & Construction  
We are engaged in construction, supply of its related goods By the name of Elegent engineers from 2004.We have wonthe our investor trust in every areas either engineering sector or supplies

Corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is part of everything we do – from
developing innovative products that help farmers grow more from less to controlling the impact of our operations. This section of the
website offers an overview of our business, our policies, our
engagements, and our performance.


Protecting soil health & biodiversity

We are initially preferred organic Farming for safe soil structure and human health. Vermicomposting, FYM and other organic produce are our focus areas for sustainable farming.  As part of The Good Growth Plan, we've committed to rescue 10 million hectares of farmland from the brink of degradation.

Empowering smallholders

Reaching 20 million smallholders is no easy feat – so we’re reaching out in rural areas to help them grow their crops and businesses.
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